Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Logo Design Approach for Enclosing Language Marks in their Corporate Symbols.

We read in our favorite news magazine  detour  a review, not too deep truth about language that enclose the marks in their logo design. As it is summer and it's hot today we want to share something fun and uncommitted in the sense "not've learned one more thing" ... we say on their logo design website:
The commercial logos are everywhere and are icons of modern society. You know what is its origin and what they mean? For our last number of VERY Asked Questions we have prepared a selection the secrets of some of the best known in the world. You will discover, for example, the apple of Apple represents Newton, and the bite, the desire to discover and create. That Colonel Tapiocca is inspired by a character of Tintin, a symbol of adventure and travel. That the founder of Shell traded before with shells (shell in English). That the three-pointed star in a circle logo used as a Mercedes-Benz is equivalent to land, sea and air. Or that Nestlé takes the surname (nest, in German) and the shield of the creator of the brand of milk.
We leave the links to see the graphic in detail:
Language symbols logo design
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