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Logos Of Famous Companies And Brands

When the logo of a major company calls our attention we usually believe it was created by a design agency or the famous designer over rated. However, the story of many brands is full of curiosities and improvisations. Information Shared By Custom Logo Design

Often companies approve a logo in contexts where time is short and options are limited. In other cases the selection process usually takes months, when suddenly arises that brilliant idea, drawn on a paper napkin.
The story behind the creation of many famous logos is extremely interesting. Knowing backstage creations helps us reduce anxiety or stress before a project that does not seem to evolve.

Separated ten facts about the emergence of logos that are now sources of inspiration for many professionals. Once you know them, you certainly will feel less anxious about an upcoming project, or at least will get lighter in collections.


The Adidas logo has a triangular cut in three parts. The three parts are supposed to represent the three sons of company founder Adolf Dassler.


The origin of the BMW logo date of the First World War when the fighter planes had their propellers painted by the company in blue and white, so that pilots could see through them. This inspired the design we see in BMW cars.


The lettering Coca-Cola was created in 1886 by Frank Robinson, an accountant and no design experience who also created a concise sentence that accompanied the logo for some time, "delicious and refreshing".


The logo of Ferrari, the famous "Prancing Horse" in black was originally used by the Italian Air Force pilot Francesco Barraca. The horse decorated the aircraft pilot during the First World War.

According to historians, tent belonged to a noble family who owned a large number of horses.

An interesting fact is that Enzo Ferrari had the opportunity to meet with the mother of the famous war hero, in the thirties. She asked that the symbol was adopted as the emblem for the cars to bring luck to the company.


The Fiat logo was recently redesigned. However the previous version was composed by diagonal lines that were added by the company's design chief.

When passing by the factory he noticed the huge letters of the brand name at the top of the building. The lines represent the spaces that he saw the name on the building.


With a little more than forty years, the Globo logo has undergone numerous changes since its creation by the famous Austrian designer Hans Donner.

According to the creator, the logo consists of two spheres that reference the globe, and a rectangle representing the screen of the TV unit. Thus we have the land showing the land itself on television. The logo came from a few scribbles on a napkin during an airplane flight.


The Linux has a penguin as a logo (and mascot). The penguin was chosen from a list of animals like sharks, foxes, eagles and falcons, by Linus Torvalds, founder of Linux.

The penguin was selected to be unusual and different for a logo. While other creatures were fierce and strong chosen was "fat, cute and cuddly," according to Linus Torvalds.


The star was created by Gottlieb Daimler, a key figure in the development of internal combustion engines gasoline. The logo was adopted by the company in 1937 and represents the capacity of the engines of the brand: that dominate the sea, land and air.


Nike needs no comment on this case. His famous symbol called Swoosh has a simplicity that even today inspires countless other brands. It was created in 1971 by designer Carolyn Davidson. A curiosity is that the creator has received only $ 35 for the work.


 The symbol of recycling was born in a competition held in Chicago in 1970. Its inventor, Gary Anderson, was a young student of Architecture and Social Sciences, University of Southern California that year the American company Container Corporation of America (CCA), the largest recycler of paper at the time, wanted to publicize their products and services more efficiently.


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